Customer Support

How to Order

The print order process is not really difficult. Please place your order in the order presented below.

1. Finish Your Design
If you are designing it yourself, download our layout guides to set up the overall layout, and to refer to the various instructions in the file guides. It will help you complete the design.
Create files that include proper bleed, cut marks, and margins, and convert and save to PDF format with appropriate settings.
2. Order after Confirming Print Quotes
Set or enter your desired printing specs and check the printing cost. Examples: book size, paper types for cover and interior pages, cover finish, print color setting, quantity If you change the options as needed, you can see how much the price will be different.
Choose the proof method and other necessary options. Examples: shrink wrapping, direct mailing, hole punching. Click ‘Check Shipping Cost’ to check the cost on the next page and proceed with the order.
Finally, enter your shipping address and your order is complete. You can also enter multiple shipping addresses for split shipping.
3. Upload Files
Please prepare a high-resolution PDF file for printing in advance.
If you chose direct mailing, please prepare an Excel file.
After clicking on the current order in the order list in your account, you can upload all the files at the bottom of the order detail page.
Files can still be uploaded as needed.
4. Approve Proof Files
Depending on the proof method selected at the time of order, please review our e-proof file or printed proofs.
You can approve the proofs, or you can reupload the modified files if you think modifications are needed. However, if you chose printed proofs, additional charges may apply.
In no case will we modify the printing file at our discretion. After the proof file is finally approved, prepress for printing proceeds, and thereafter, there is a cost if you request modification or interruption.
If it is difficult to modify the layout, please use our design service.
5. Payment
After completing the order, if you click on the current order in the order list of your account, you can find payment information.
Payment must be made before or after the approval of proof files. If you need to print urgently, we would highly recommend finishing the payment even before the approval in order to meet the schedule.
6. Turnaround Time and Transportation Schedule
Printing will not proceed until proof files are approved.
The turnaround time starts from when the proofs are approved. This lead time is always presented with the cost in our online quote system, so you can check in advance before ordering.
The shipping schedule depends on how you plan to ship. After the order is placed, the shipping schedule is presented along with the shipping cost. However, since the time required for transportation could be changed according to various conditions such as weather, we will update a more accurate schedule when the shipping starts.
If you choose Direct mailing, the delivery time may differ 2~3 days depending on the location of the destination, since it is delivered via USPS standard mailing services.
If you are unsatisfied with printing and shipping, please let our representatives know. We will do our best to solve the problem.

If ordered, it is printed according to our strict print quality standards and shipped according to our shipping schedule standard. All information from printing to shipping can be seen in "my account", and all managers are in charge to ensure delivery at the specified place and time. In addition, we will notify you immediately of any unexpected problems. If you feel uncomfortable in any process, please feel free to let us know.