Shipping Services

Domestic shipping and costs

After printing, we ship it for free or paid as requested by the customer. Products are delivered from our facilities with NetPrint's vehicle or commercial trucks. Costs will be calculated and updated after your order is placed.

Ship to the desired location and date

When you place your order, you can choose quantity, place, and date of delivery. You may contact assigned manager to help you. Shipping costs may be added depending on your shipping methods.

Split Delivery

Shipping is available for various locations. You can easily dispatch some products by air, and the rest distributed in different groups for trucking.

Global Shipping

Printing available at overseas or South Korea's facilities for international shipping. We use FedEx or UPS for on-time delivey requests. Air/Ocean shipping available for overseas shipping and costs are calcuated separately and updated after order is placed.

Direct Mailing Services

Use our Direct Mailing service when you need to mail products to clients in different locations. This can be cost time efficient as we process both printing and mailing. NetPrint has professional mailing centers set up for efficient communications with post offices.

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